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What Is the Difference Between Securities Fraud and Investment Fraud?

If you believe that you or a loved one has fallen victim to some form of fraud in the financial sector, you may be checking out research online to determine your next possible course of action. There are two primary types of fraud that influence individuals across New Jersey: investment fraud and securities fraud.

Investment fraud has to do with situations where investors file claims regarding investment scams or fraudulent investment products. There are many different cases that can fall under this umbrella, such as alternative investments, Ponzi schemes, nontraded REITs, or Reg D offerings.

Despite the fact the government regulators are keeping a closer eye on both the investment in the securities industry, fraudulent events do still have it. These can cost you a great deal of money and a lot of frustration. Securities fraud refers to situations where an individual or company misrepresents information that investors then used to make their decisions. The outcome of the securities fraud situation could mean an investor loses thousands of dollars.

Securities fraud could also be initiated by individuals in the form of insider trading. There are various types of misrepresentation that fall under this umbrella such as offering bad advice, withholding key information, offering inside information, or providing false information.

These cases are highly technical and complex, meaning that they should only be handled by an experienced New Jersey investment securities fraud attorney. If your loved one has been given bad advice or been involved in a fraudulent scheme, you may have recourse through legal action. Don’t hesitate to learn more about your situation and your possible next steps.

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